2017 Riga to Mykonos – Gumball 3000

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Gumball 3000 Mercedes

David Coulthard fined for speeding in Gumball 3000 rally

DAVID Coulthard has reportedly been hit with a fine for speeding in France – while taking part in the Gumball 3000 rally.

According to local reports, the former F1 driver was clocked at 178kmh (around 110mph) on a motorway in the Alsace region, and narrowly avoided having his licence confiscated.

See Gumball 3000 Rev Through London’s Regent Street

While we’ve already written about the infamous super-car culture in London, the Gumball 3000 brings it to a whole new level. The week-long race over five countries recently passed through London’s Regent Street for what turned out to be quite the ordeal. Thousands of motor enthusiasts lined the street to admire and cheer for the 2016 Gumball 3000 racers.

Gumball 3000 Mercedes

I Was Arrested, Then Kidnapped During The Gumball 3000

When things go wrong during the Gumball 3000, they go really, really wrong.

Team Galag Lamborghini Batmobile

Batmobile Rolls Through Europe – With Some Nice 3D Printed Touches

A quick look through Google will present you with plenty of opinions on the best cars at this year’s rally, but one car stands out in particular. Because it’s the Batmobile. It’s not being driven by Bruce Wayne, but by a couple of Saudi Arabian princes who have been participating in Gumball 3000 for a few years as Team Galag.

Gumball 3000 Is Back, Do We Love It or Do We Hate It?

If you would’ve asked me back in the early 2000s what I felt about the Gumball 3000, I would’ve probably started acting like a little schoolgirl and offer you all my available praise words for the event.